Charms Office Assistant is a web based management system management system for music teachers to organize student contact information, inventory, uniforms, trips, fund raisers, forms, etc... It allows directors to access student information, send emails, mange the details of a band program from anywhere.

For the parent and student, Charms has;

  • Full student records with parent and student information that you can update.
  • An easy to read calendar of band and school events, including volunteer needs.
  • Easy access to fundraiser information, including balances owed and how much you have earned.
  • Email the teacher options.
  • Links to the band website:
  • Easy way to insure we have the correct contact information.
  • Great way to insure your name is spelled correctly on the program.

With Charms, we will send out notices of upcoming concerts, parent volunteer needs, rehearsal schedules, and other updates about the band program. The helping hand on the calendar shows when volunteers are needed. We can also send out volunteer instructions after you sign up.

If you are not receiving information or you would like it sent to a different email address, then Charms is the place to go. You can log into your account and update your information, including the email address and phone numbers.

Charms will also help you keep track of payments that have been made for various fundraisers and orders. The financial section will show the deposits and payments. As we get into the nest trip, Charms is how invoices will be sent and you can always know your account balance. It is a safe and secure way to track your payments, as only people with your password will be able to access the information.

Click on the link below to access instruction for accessing your account. The default password is your students student ID number. This can be found in Skyward on the student information page. It is either a 9 digit number or a very long number with many zeros. You do have the option to reset your password to anything you wish. If you forget that password, you must email Mr. Bell. He can only reset it to the default, as he cannot see the changed password.

If you have questions about Charms or are having problems logging into your account, then please email Mr. Bell at