Italy Day 2...ish.

The Bell flight is almost here!!!! And there was much rejoicing. Yaaaay. The last flight should land in less than an hour and be at the hotel about 1230. We are looking forward to everyone being together again.

For those of us here already, we have an active day with a brief sight seeing bus tour, complete with tour guide, followed by exploration time on foot for Rome sights such as the Pantheon and Trevi Fountains. It was a lot of walking. Some students learned how to read maps and street signs. Others learned they had maps in their bags they received. It all worked out and students seem to really enjoy the bit of freedom they had.

In the afternoon we toured the Vatican. This began with a guided tour followed by free time to explore the main area, as well as St. Peter's. It's incredible to see the overall size and the detail the 2,000 year old buildings. I think many enjoyed it. We also learned how cold it can be when the sun sets. All will be more prepared tomorrow.

Tomorrow will bring our visit to the catacombs and Frascati. This is also a performance day with our pep band tunes and our concert in the evening.

Mr. Stone