Italy Days 3 and 4

I'll admit that I've lost all concept of what day it is. Things have been quite the whirlwind with everything going on and I literally can't tell you what day of the week it is. Someone said it's Sunday. 

Yesterday began with a trip to the catacombs where Christians worshiped and  buried their dead when Christianity was illegal in Rome. Weaving through the tunnels, we were sometimes 30-40 feet underground. We also got to see some fresco paintings from thousands of years ago. We then traveled to the suburb of Frascati where we performed pep band songs in the squares for locals and visitors. The students were very well received with lots of applause. At night we performed out joint concert with Woodward Academy from Atlanta. It was a tight squeeze for our band, but we made due and the performance went very well. Many locals in attendance offered much praise.

Today was our trip to Pompei. After catching up on sleep during a 3 hour bus ride, students finally got to taste real Italian pizza. It was very good but few could finish even half of the large pizzas we each received. We then spent 2 hours touring the ruins of Pompei. It was incredible to see how well preserved everything was. Even the paintings on the walls still existed. Many students had a great time and got some excellent photos. After dinner, many students attended the dance with all the other bands to ring in the new year. Everyone is now in bed and looking forward to seeing what 2017 has to offer.

Mr. Stone