A New Year in Italy

Today we hit the ground running to start off our new year. We began with the Stone and tag-along flights taking a walking tour of "Rome Revealed". We got to see sights such as a bridge designed by Michelangelo and the location where Julius Cesar was killed. There was also a large number of cats, which seemed to interest a lot of students. The Bell flight was able to take the panoramic bus tour and walking tour they missed on the first day.

The afternoon contained our group picture in front of the Colosseum and the parade through the streets of Rome. We were a bit rushed as we found out we were first in line and leading the entire parade with a very short amount of time to eat and get organized. Even with the circumstances, the kids put on a great performance that was enjoyed by thousands of locals and tourists. We received a lot of praise along the route and after we finished as well. It was a great experience the students won't soon forget.

Once we got back to the hotel we repacked instruments and uniforms in anticipation for our return home. Everything is set and ready for the trip back to Germantown. Tomorrow is our final full day in Rome with a tour of the Colosseum and a few other favorite sights.

Mr. Stone