Italy Site Tour Email Saturday, July 9

The last two days in Italy has been spent visiting the performance venues we will have during our trip. The village of Frescati is a suburb of Rome where the Romans go to get away for the weekend. We will perform in a street parade with a couple of outside, standstill performances. Along the way, we stopped on the Appian Way. This Roman road was built to move the soldiers and chariots to the vast reaches of the Roman Empire. The road is paved in a similar fashion to much of the pathways in Rome. So plan your shoes accordingly, NO HEALS. Good walking shoes are a must for this tour. We also walked the New Year's day parade route. It will weave through the city center of Rome and go through some narrow streets. Our third performance will be a concert in a church in Rome, San Giovanni Battista Dei Fiorentini Basilica (St. John the Baptist Basilica). The acoustics in the church are fantastic and we will sound great there.

The hotel breakfast should not leave anyone hungry. There are eggs (over-easy, over-hard, hard-boiled and scrambled), many fruit choices, cold meat, bacon, rolls, croissants, breads, cereals, and more. A selection of juice, coffee, and tea is also available. Italian coffee is espresso, so don't expect your 24 ounce cup.

Finally, there are many souvenir shops with a wide variety of T-Shirts, gladiator helmets, bags, and more just waiting for you to purchase.

Enjoy. Mr. Bell