WoS Performance at KMS on Nov. 23.

Good Evening Wall of Sound Members, This Wednesday is the annual Wall of Sound performance at KMS. Below is information about the day, including a schedule. Wall of Sound at KMS.As soon as students arrive at GHS on Wednesday, we will meet in the band room and board busses to KMS. We will perform, and bus back to GHS before the end of the day. Wall members will be able to make their usual bus routes, like any other school day. Each performance is 30 minute, with 5 minutes in between. Parents are welcome to come and watch. If you do, please make sure you check in at the gold office and get your visitor name tag. Students need to wear their Wall of Sound T-Shirt. Blue or Black pants. Blue jeans are acceptable. We will perform in a similar set-up to the Wall Indoor Showcase. Here is the schedule for the day. 6:30 -Percussion report to prepare equipment for transportation. 7:10 -As soon as you arrive to GHS, go to the band room. We will start loading the bus for the trip to KMS. 7:55 - 8th Grade8:30 - 7th Grade9:05 - 6th Grade.9:35 - End of last show. We pack up and return to GHS, in time for you to catch your bus home. If you have any other questions, please let us know and we will get you an answer. Mr. Bell (jbell@germantown.k12.wi.us)and Mr. Stone (astone@germantown.k12.wi.us)