Rome July 7

Today was a sight seeing day in Rome. We spent the morning going through the Colleseum, Roman Forum, and St. Peter's Basilica. We also tried a few places where we may eat lunch and/or dinner. Here are a few things I learned. 1. The Colleseum was a fantastic place. It is similar in size to Camp Randall or Lambeau Field, only 2000 years older. You see how the animals, gladiators, emperors, and participants used the Colleseum for entertainment. It is quite spectacular.

  1. I had heard about the Roman Forum, but was never quite sure what it was. It is a collection of buildings and ruins that were a part of the daily life of the Romans.

  2. In nearly every part of the city center of Rome, there are buildings/evidence of the Roman Empire. Unfortunately, many of the buildings were torn down for the marble and other building material.

  3. We toured the Vatican and saw many great works of art. It is also a great monument to the long history of the Catholic church and everything they have done over the years.

  4. The food here is fantastic. No one will be disappointed.

Have a good day.

Mr. Bell