WoS Info for Oct. 9 and WSMA schedule

Good Evening Wall of Sound Members and Families,
Congratulations on a fantastic Sunday competition. During the week, we addressed some trouble spots in the show and the improvement was on the field in Fort Atkinson. As a result, you earned the highest score the Wall of Sound has earned in a competition, an 84.1. That is quite an accomplishment. The judges had many fine compliments and a few things to address this week. Overall, they were impressed with your show. Some of the compliments are on your marching technique, excellent mood changes between sections, nice crescendos at the end of phrases, and very good and consistent arm angles. Some concerns include a few minor timing and intonation issues, many varieties of getting up at the beginning, and inconsistent articulations and releases. Transcripts of the comments will be posted on Tuesday. We do want to share the Visual Performance judge. He makes some very good comments on our marching technique. It is especially good as we start part 3 (at 5:20)https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4hj-Den261CaDFHbzJxUlhwWmM/view?usp=sharing

Now it is the final week before the WSMA State Marching Band Championships. Here is some information for the week and WSMA State Marching Band Championships at UW-Whitewater. As more becomes available, I will share it with you. Schedule for the Week. Please wear your band clothing, including any DCI apparel you have this week. Monday- Runthrough on Part 2. Tuesday-Runthrough on Part 3Wednesday-Runthrough on Part 1 -Rehearsal at stadium 6:30-9:00Thursday-Full Show Runthrough - If you were in WoS last year, wear your Lessons of Life shirt.Friday- AM Full Show Runthrough-Wear your show shirt. -After school-Practice 2:45-5:30. Saturday- 11:30 practice. 6:30 pm performance at UW-Whitewater. -A full schedule is listed below. Here is a link to the schedule.https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XrO86Ipph4qkYKiRxPz8-WglLSd6iED3zhcevK7GpOk/edit?usp=sharing It is a very late night and we will probably return to GHS about 12:30 am.

WSMA State Marching Band Spectator Information.Perkins Stadium at UW-WhitewaterWebsite: http://wsmamusic.org/marching-band/state-championships/Admission: $14/adults, $7/Children ages 6-17; Seniors; College undergrads with student ID. Free: Children 5 and under. Gates open at 11:00 am. AAAA bands begin at 5:15. You will want to be in the stadium close to the beginning of our division for the best seat. AAA bands begin at noon, A bands at 2:30. AA bands follow the AAAA bands. All spectators will have bags searched. The police have agreed to be supportive and want it to be a painless experience for people. They have told UW-Whitewater that they are not going to be caring about water or food. However, the alcohol and weapon portion of the statute will be strictly enforced. This is a state mandate. There are also no drones allowed at the event.

WSMA State Marching Band Sweatshirts are a very popular item to purchase. In past years, they have run out at the festival. They have made some changes and this is what was sent to me. SWEATSHIRT ORDERING will be online ONLY. Please link this information to your band. https://uw-whitewater-web.ungerboeck.com/reg/regp1form.aspx?oc=10&ct=FULLREG&eventid=6005.Sweatshirts will be $30, which includes tax and shipping. Orders will be taken throughTuesday, October 18. The sweatshirts will be ordered on October 19. They will arrive here about November 7. They will be sorted and shipped to you at your school with a list of who has ordered what. Bands will receive a list of who ordered what size. Individuals should make their own order. The Office of Camps and Conferences has set this up to so that people can use credit cards and we have one less item to worry about at the show. This system is set-up for individuals to order. Wall of Sound Indoor Showcase and BanquetThe Wall of Sound Showcase is on Friday, October 28. Like last year, we will also have the Wall of Sound Banquet on the same night. The main dish will catered by Bunzels, with salads and dessert provided by students and families. (Freshmen and Juniors bring a salad, Sophomores and Seniors bring a dessert). This is a great opportunity to celebrate the Wall of Sound season. The cost for the banquet is Wall of Sound Members are free. Family and Friends attending are $5.00. We do need a count for the banquet. Here is a link to the RSVP.http://bit.ly/2dEtoN5 The schedule for October 28 is 2:30-4:00 Wall of sound Practice in the main gym. 4:00-5:00 Color Guard Workshop Practice in the main gym. 5:00- Wall of Sound members are served in the cafeteria. 5:20- Parents and guests are served in the cafeteria. -First showing of end of the year video.5:50- Presentation of Wall of Sound Awards and Senior Recognition. 6:20- Wall of Sound members dismissed for getting into uniforms for the concert. 6:40- 2nd viewing of the Wall of Sound end of the year video in the main gym. 7:00- Wall of Sound indoor Showcase begins.

Again, Congratulations on Sunday’s competition. Now, the one we have been working towards is on Saturday. Finally, 2:30 Friday was the last time I received an email. I am sure any issues will be resolved early on Monday. I have not returned your email over the weekend, that is why. Let me know if you have any other questions about the day. Mr. Belljbell@germantown.k12.wi.us

Wisconsin State Music AssociationState Marching Band ChampionshipsSaturday, October 15, 2016 Timeline11:30 Practice on back practice field.2:00 Break for a snack, uniforms, truck loading. You will need to pack a brown bag lunch. Remember that there is no eating in uniform.3:00 Load Busses and Depart5:00 Arrive at UW-Whitewater Campus. Perkins Stadium. 910 Schwager Dr. Whitewater, WI 531905:30 Warm Up on a UW-Whitewater Practice Field6:15 At the Gate6:30 PERFORMANCE TIME7:00 Group photo in the DLK Kachel Fieldhouse 7:30 Return to busses, change out of uniforms, pack instruments, enter stadium. Watch remaining AA bands like Merrill, Greendale, Sauk Prairie, and Ft. Atkinson10:00 UW-Whitewater Marching Band10:15 Awards11:00 Load Busses and Go Home12:30 Arrive at GHS, Unload, Go Home and sleep. Uniform: We will wear the full uniform for the performance. Including white gloves, black socks. Under the uniform, you need to wear gym shorts and a sleeved t-shirt. WSMA State Marching Band Championships: This is a great highlight of Wisconsin High School Marching. Performing at Perkins Stadium, in front of thousands of appreciative spectators is a great thrill. The concession stand is open and they will have souvenir sweatshirts for sale. Ticket prices are $14/adults, $7.00/children ages 6-17 and senior citizens, children under 5 are free. WSMA State Marching Band AAAA Band Performance Schedule.5:15 Hudson High School (Critique Only)5:30 Chippewa Falls High School5:45 Greenfield High School6:00 Franklin High School6:15 Mukwonago High School6:30 Germantown Wall of Sound6:45 Waukesha West High School7:00 Hamilton High School-Sussex7:15 Oak Creek High School 7:30 WSMA Class AAA Champion