WoS State MB recap

Happy Sunday Wall of Sound members,

Thank you for a great season of marching. Your best performance of the year was last night at Whitewater. Since we started in April working on this show, the band improved each rehearsal. This week, we had our list of items to clean for Saturday. Everything was better. Wednesday, you had a good rehearsal in the cold, wet and windy stadium. Friday and Saturday, you were focused. Saturday, you didn’t let the size of the stadium or crowd throw you off your game. That level of student commitment to a great show, lead to our best show of the year. It was equally nice for all of your efforts to be rewarded with a higher placement and awards. Our score was 76.25. Oak Creek and Waukesha West tied with 82.75. Mukwonago was 4th with 69.4. Last year, we were 12 points behind Oak Creek. The percussion won the Best Percussion Award. This is our first State Marching Band Championship caption award of any kind. We had a 4.2 and Mukwonago earned a 4.0. In Color Guard, Waukesha West won the caption award with a score of 4.55. GHS was 2nd with a 4.0. Those are all numbers to be very proud. The success of this show was not possible without the hard work of many people. Mr. Stone, Dane Collins, Alex Wasmer, Marie Burnham and Christy Schauer have done great work getting you ready to perform. The benefit of the support given by the Warhawk Band Boosters is impossible to measure. The work they do includes feeding the students, fitting and caring for the uniforms, building the props, hauling everything around with the road crew, chaperoning the band on the competitions, and so much more. Lori Knapp works to coordinate all the parent activities. That work allows the teaching staff to focus on teaching. Having great music and drill really highlights the great work of the Students. Chad Quamme, Rick Kirby and Ben Pyles provided us with that great show. I was talking with Chad during the picture time. He shared how much he enjoyed working with Germantown. He made special mention of the students. They are respectful, they work hard and on Saturday, they performed a great show. VideoFor the second week in a row, Evan Meinel (Morgan’s older brother) took video of the show. This week he was on top of the press box. It shows a lot of really good things. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4hj-Den261CZ3ZpU1kxM3NaZjQ/view?usp=sharing AwardsAs we finish up the season, don’t forget to vote for your student Wall of Sound Awards. Here is the link for voting. https://goo.gl/forms/Jvwj9sXyiPUVEfMo2 Banquet and Wall of Sound Indoor ShowcaseFriday, October 28 is the indoor showcase, banquet and awards night for the Wall of Sound. The group will practice after school. Following practice will be the banquet where we will have a video presentation and present the section awards. The indoor showcase will include the 8th grade band, the color guard workshop, some Germantown Favorites, and a performance of the Night at the Museum show. Please complete the RSVP for the banquet. https://goo.gl/forms/WKnfIuMk0MMZVwSi1

CG WorkshopThe Color Guard Workshop starts on Tuesday, October 18 at 6:00. If you would like to participate, but haven’t turned in a form, please do so on Monday.

Football Playoff GameGermantown is hosting a playoff football game on Friday, Oct. 21. We will plan on performing and participating in the game. More information will be sent and it is available.

SWAGThrough WSMA there are many things you can purchase to remember the weekend. They include -Sweatshirts orders need to be made by Monday. http://wsmamusic.org/files/2015/09/WSMA-2016-Hoodie.pdfhttps://uw-whitewater-web.ungerboeck.com/reg/regp1form.aspx?oc=10&ct=FULLREG&eventid=6005.Through WSMA, they also have State Marching Band Championship pins and miniature trophies. I will forward that information to you this week. -Pictures. The group picture and on the field pictures are available for purchase throughhttp://traviseventphoto.com/The online order deadline is Nov. 1. As of 11:00 am on Sunday, Oct. 16, they did not have pictures posted. I expect them by Monday to update their website.

Enjoy the fruit of your hard work. You have earned it.

Mr. Bell