Wall of Sound

The Germantown Wall of Sound is Germantown High School's competitive marching band.  It performs for two local parades, home football games, local concerts, and area marching competitions.  More importantly the Wall of Sound teaches the students involved music, leadership, teamwork, and the ability to set and meet long term goals.

Enrollment in the Wall of Sound is open to Germantown High School students through audition.  The students must be willing and able to attend the rehearsals, practice their part, make positive contributions to the program, and be able to work together with a large number of people to make the season a success.  Wall of Sound instrumentation includes: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, tuba, keyboard, percussion, and color guard.

Color Guard

The color guard is a non-musical section that provides additional visual aspects to the marching band performance. The color guard performs alongside the marching band in competitions and at football games.

The purpose of the color guard is to interpret the music that the marching band is playing via the synchronized work of flags, rifles, and through dance. The color guard uses different colors and styles of flags to enhance the visual effect of the marching band as a whole. Color guard also may use backdrops to bring color and scenery to the field.